The "Reel Crankie"

Creative inventions for fishermen by Innovative Fishing Tackle

By Tom Greene (Design and Sales) & Rick Herrick (Design and Manufacturing)



Introducing our newest engineered product:

The ' Reel Crankie ' (patents pending 12-2009)


  The 'Reel Crankie'

NEW versions are listed below with ordering information


Engineering: The tool body is made from aircraft quality 6061 billet (block) aluminum.  Internal hardware is made of a durable corrosion-resistant 303 stainless steel for salt and fresh water use.

Design: Our Reel Crankie is designed to be attached directly to the existing reel handle mechanism.  You simply slide it on and rotate the gold-knurled-ring to lock onto reel.  Quick on and off.

The 15 degree flexible shaft, with universal type joint, extending from the Reel Crankie is then attached to a hand-held 3/8 in., battery powered drill.  This quick-action design gives you the ability to use the Reel Crankie in a rocking boat or a situation where you want to crank line back on your reel a deep depth.  Off-shore fishermen are using the Reel Crankie for deep-dropping with Swordfish, Snapper, and Grouper.

The small size and portability allows you to re-spool your reel at home or on the boat.  One size fits a number of similar model reels from the same maker.

This product is not used to fight the fish, only to retrieve the bait and drop-weight so as not to have to manually re-wind the line back on the reel from a deep depth.


The heavy duty, all metal, Reel Crankie is available for:

$169.95, plus shipping

Place your order directly with the designer and manufacturer

E-Mail Tom Greene at Custom Rod and Reel to place an order


Call Our Business Phone Number: 1- 954-781-5600

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At this point, the Reel Crankie fits only Shimano and Penn reels.  We are currently building models to fit other makes and sizes of reels.  Details in the chart and photos below (as of 1-30-2009):

# 1 REEL CRANKIE  fits: SHIMANO  TIAGARA  80-W and 50-W reels  also  GRAPHITE 50-W and  50-W  LRS model will also fit: NEW MODEL  20-A and  30-A graphite  trolling reel


#1S REEL CRANKIE fits: SHIMANO TIAGARA 20 and 30W reels


# 2 REEL CRANKIE  fits: SHIMANO TIAGARA  # 12 and # 16 reel, also older size SHIMANO graphite 20 and 30  trolling reels 


# 3 REEL CRANKIE  fits: SHIMANO TIAGARA  # 130 reel


# 4 REEL CRANKIE  fits: older styles of PENN REELS, also fits size 30 reel, size 30 w reel & size 50 reel and size 50 w reel and fits two speed 30-& 50 w models 


# 5 REEL CRANKIE  fits: PENN REELS 30 T and 30 TW, not two speed models reels


# 6 REEL CRANKIE  fits: PENN 80 TW and 80 T reels, not two speed models reels


# 7 REEL CRANKIE  fits: PENN old style gold handle 2 speed reels 80 W and 80 regular reels


# 8 REEL CRANKIE  fits: NEW PENN MODEL 70 VS and 80 VS model reels    


# 9 REEL CRANKIE  fits: NEW PENN MODEL 30 and 50 VS reels             


Our NEWEST version of the 'Reel Crankie' (1-2010) to fit more reel models




     For dealer questions, direct orders, and Tom Greene:

E-Mail Tom Greene

Business Phone Number: 1- 954-781-5600

Mon - Sat  9 AM to 5 PM   EST

Custom Rod and Reel

Attn: Tom Greene

1835 N. E. 25th St.

Lighthouse Point, Florida   33064

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